Join us in the annual MuttMudder - a fantastic addition to edMUDton.


You will complete the full distance event - with your dog!



edMUDton muttmudder




  • Custom EdMUDton medal
  • Portion of your event entry goes to HART
  • edMUDton race bib
  • edMUDton finishers shirt...if you finish!
  • Post race refreshments & entertainment
  • Ability to kick back with friends and tell them you thrive in EdMUDton!
  • Vendors, food, music, and much more!


Race Start

The MuttMudder event wraps up the day with a 1pm start.

Full event details here

Our Charity

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How does hart impact the lives of dogs in need? Follow this link to find out. 

How are hart donations used? Follow this link to find out.


HART is in need of donated product as well.  These can be dropped off on event day:

  • Leashes
  • Enrichment toys (Kongs(!!), kong toys, hard/tough toys)
  • Treats (regular and chew treats)
  • Large beds